сертификат по системе менеджмента качества ISO (9001:2000)

About company

Trust «NGVPS» JSC is a legal successor of Specialized Trust «Vostokneftegazvzryvpromstroy», founded in 1986 under the Order No. 357 dated 13.09.1986 by the Ministry of Gas and Oil Engineering of the USSR. 
The Specialized Trust «Vostokneftegazvzryvpromstroy» was renamed as Mobile specialized trust «NefteGazVzryvPromStroy» in 1988. 
The Mobile specialized trust «NefteGazVzryvPromStroy» was reorganized to Joint Stock Company «NefteGazVzryvPromStroy» in 1994. 
The geography of Company's business covers Urals, Western and Eastern Siberia, North-West Region, Caucasus, Far East. 
The company’s experience includes participation in construction of many major state facilities in Russia and and abroad: Macedonia, the Democratic Republic of Yemen. Today the production forces of Trust «NGVPS» JSC are involved into the major construction projects requiring blasting works for loosening rocks. 
To ensure safety and quality of blasting works as well as to meet the requirements of the Unified Explosive Safety Regulations, Labor Protection Rules, Safety Methods Rules and Industrial and Ecological Safety Rules the Company employs highly qualified personnel having a great experience in mining and blasting works. 
The Company celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2011. Competent and forward-looking management policy, rallied work of highly qualified experts, and modern equipment are the key components of Company's success.

Basic types of works performed
by Joint Stock Company Trust
«NefteGazVzryvPromStroy» (Trust
«NGVPS» JSC) are as follows:
• Drilling and blasting operations in rocky and eternally frozen ground, in open-cast mines, excavations at construction of pipelining, highways;
• Drilling and blasting operations when excavating;
• Take down of metal constructions (containers, gas storage tanks, pipes, etc.)
• Direct decay of buildings and chimneys;
• Break down of brick, concrete and ferroconcrete constructions;
• Bore-hole drilling for different purposes with diameter up to 520 mm and depth up to 300 m;
• Bore-hole drilling and deep anode bed installation with installation of electrochemical protection;
• Civil Housing Construction;
• Explosive Materials Production;
• General Contracting Works.
For all above listed activities special licenses have been issued by RosTekhNadzor (Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision) to enable permitted usage of explosion-hazardous production facilities; manufacturing, storing and usage of explosive industrial materials, as well as certificates for specific types of works issued by self-regulating organizations which are valid in the RF and Certificates ISO 9001:2001 and STO GAZPROM 9001-2006.

Trust «NefteGazVzryvPromStroy» JSC deals with completion of production and administrative and housing infrastructure in gas and oil fields and mining sector (e.g. camps, administrative and housing complexes, hostels, industrial buildings).
«NefteGazVzryvPromStroy» JSC performs a number of works related to planning, manufacturing and construction of turnkey pre-fabricated and mobile buildings made of metal structures for different purposes: blocks and modules, hostels, two-streyed dwelling houses, administrative and housing complexes, canteens, industrial buildings on the basis of Certificate of Conformity SRO-C-041-24092009 dated 13 January 2012. The Company owns production division which produces block and module buildings with area of 3000 sq.m. per month, metal structures for different purposes (frame-panel buildings, communications towers, overpasses) up to 1000 tons depending of degree of complexity.
Completed projects:
Featuring the well «Skalistaya» in Norilsk: administrative and housing complex for 150 people in 2009; Settlements for 2500 workers of CW destruction plant each for «MO RF» in Kambarka, Mirny, village Leonidovka in 2009; Krapivinskoe field of JSC «Tomskneft» VNK: camp for 350 people, Tomsk region in 2010, Verkhnechorskoe field of LLC «Verkhnechorskneftegaz»: camp for 300 people in Irkutsk region in 2009; Kalchinskoe and Dulisminskoe fields: camp for 100 people and operator's room in Verninsky ore-dressing and processing enterprise of I and II construction phases of JSC «Polyus Zoloto»; camp for 600 people in Irkutsk region, Bodaibinsky district in 2010.

QMS Compliance of Trust «NGVPS» JSC to ISO 9001:2008 and STO GAZPROM 9001:2006 is key aspect of competitive growth and successful practice by Trust «NGVPS» JSC. Trust «NGVPS» JSC became one of the first drilling and blasting companies in Russia which certified its QMS (in 2006) to meet ISO 9001: 2000. The Company carried out successfully certification in 2008 to meet up-to-dated ISO 9001:2008 that fact is annually confirmed by the auditors of the Certification Association «Russkiy Registr».
The fulfillment of the main QMS principals and requirements is analyzed and estimated during annual internal and external audits. Analyses of the audit results permit to disclose potential to raise efficiency of the Company. Top quality of work and high skills of the Company’s experts are confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity received in 2008 after implementing and certificating QMS to meet corporate standard requirements of STO GAZPROM 9001:2006. STO GAZPROM 9001:2006 requirements permitted to ensure execution of the fixed requirements to the labor safety, ecological and industrial safety. The fact that the Company's QMS is constantly being improved for the purposes of effective Company’s business management is confirmed by the awarding to Trust «NGVPS» JSC the following:
• Diploma of contest winner «the Best QMS», 2009;
• Diploma of a contest prizewinner «the Best products of Bashkortostan», 2009;
• Diploma of Third Degree and Cup of Competition for a prize of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan for production (goods, services) quality, 2009;
• Contest Prizewinner Diploma «100 top products in Russia», 2009.
The Company’s Top Manager was awarded with the medal of «All-Russian Project Expert “Effective Personnel Management”» in 2009. In 2010 the Company participated in competition for a prize of the Russian Government for quality, 2010.
Trust «NGVPS» JSC designates to become one of the leading specialized companies in Russia and CIS countries to perform DBW and drilling operations (ground, underground und underwater) when constructing main pipelines, motorways and railways, development of gas and oil fields and when developing mineral fields by open-cut mining.
Company’s development target is «to meet fully the customers’ requirements, to ensure competitive growth and to receive permanent income flow for further production development to the benefit of customers.
Maintaining and improving the certified QMS to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and STO GAZPROM 9001:2006 signify that Trust «NGVPS» JSC recognizes itself as a part of the market, seeks to win in the competition and accepts its liability to the DBW consumers.

Group of companies «NefteGazVzryvPromStroy»

CJSC «Holding Company «Soyuzvzryvprom» 
(20A Podsosensky Pereulok St., 105062 Moscow, Russia. Tel./fax: (495) 781-15-82/83, www.hksvp.ru, zaohksvp@gmail.com)
Closed Joint Stock Company «Holding Company «Soyuzvzryvprom»» (CJSC «Holding Company «Soyuzvzryvprom»») is a holding company that performs DBW of any difficulty level in construction of the main pipelines, oil and gas fields development, railways and motorways construction.
The Company performs nowadays DBW in rocks and permafrost grounds, in quarries, excavations when constructing pipelines, motorways; drilling of wells with diameter up to 520 mm and depth up to 300 m for various purposes; drilling of wells and mounting of deep anode beds with installation of electrochemical protection stations. The Company performs cutting of pipes, metal structures and containers as well as demolishes buildings and chimneys.
Our Company solves on tight schedule issues related to the organizational and material and technical support of preoperational stage that is required before the works and that allows us to perform the works all over the Russian Federation. Company's business geography includes Ural, Western and Eastern Siberia, North-Western Region, Caucasus, Far East.
• Great experience in DBW production;
• High mobility;
• Specialized equipment and vehicles park owned by the Company;
• Qualified experts having a great experience in mining and blasting operations;
• Quality, accuracy and safety of works.

National Priority Project «AFFORDABLE HOUSING»
CJSC «Holding Company «Soyuzvzryvprom»», being a part of the Group of the Companies «NefteGazVzryvPromStroy», has incorporated LLC «Beloretsky PARK» in Beloretsk, Republic of Bashkortostan, to erect dwelling houses made of LVL within National Priority Project «Affordable Housing» and program «Low-rise Housing Construction Development in the Republic of Bashkortostan “Your own house”». Dwelling house parameters comply with the Regulation No. 79 dated 27 February 2010 «On approval of methodical instructions related to the parameters of
low-cost residential property» issued by the Ministry of Regional Development regulating housing construction using Federal budget funds.
LLC «Beloretsky PARK» deals with construction of houses and cottage settlements by individual and standard projects. The Consumer may order both separate services and key ready wooden houses: foundation, roof, walls, windows, electric systems and engineering systems.
Production volume per year:
• over 54 LVL housing sets;
• 600m3 of specialized moldings for repairs and construction;
• nearly 1500m3 of window headers and LVL structures constructions in trim moldings;
• 1000 pcs. of garden and park design elements;
• the company processes nearly 35000m3 of wood per year;
• desiccation of wood: 480m3 per one process.

JSC «Kubanvzryvprom»
(18 Fisanova St., 353900 Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Area, tel. (8617) 61-17-08, fax 61-12-94, www.kubvzrivprom.ru, e-mail: kvp-nov@mail.ru)
JSC «Kubanvzryvprom» was incoporated in 1923 in Novorossiysk to perform DBW in the Northern Caucasus and in Russia in general. Specialists of JSC «Kubanvzryvprom» reconstructed industrial and constructional facilities in the area. The most significant work was made for cement plant «Novorostsement». JSC «Kubanvzryvprom» performs unique blasting works for urban facilities including:
• demolition of seven-streyed buildings of the former spa resort «Rivera» in Sochi;
• FSUE «United Spa Resort «Sochi»;
• planning of sites, construction of ditches and trenches by drilling and blasting method when construction facilities of Kaspiysky pipeline consortium.
All works are performed by qualified experts who have a great experience in DBW in the Southern Federal Region and Russia in general.
JSC «Kubanvzryvprom» performs the following works:
• DBW in stone quarries;
• DBW for crushing rocks and boulders;
• DBW in construction;
• construction sites planning;
• making ditches without bottom and walls being disturbed;
• making trenches when constructing roads;
• DBW in confined spaces of populated localities and construction sites;
• DBW for buildings and constructions demolition;
• crushing foundations;
• processing metals by explosions and other types of works.

(12 Entuziastov St., 454000 Chelyabinsk, tel.: (351) 265-68-08, www.app74.ru, secretary@app74.ru)
Starting the date of foundation in 1958 till present it is one of the leading complex project institutions in the South-Ural Region. The institution's personnel are presented by qualified human resources having a great professional experience that fact allows the company to feel confident in modern economic conditions and to manufacture competitive intellectual products, to implement new technologies.
The institution holds comprehensive archive funds, modern equipment and certified program software. All type of works are dully certified and licensed. High mobility allows the company's personnel to perform the works in several regions of the Russian Federation at the same time.
At present the institution performs the following types of the project activity in deferent fields:
• territory planning schemes development;
• urban planning documentation development: e.g. General plans of inhabited localities, housing projects for micro-districts, separate areas;
• engineering net systems planning: gas supply, heat supply, water supply and water disposal systems, communications and power supply systems;
• constructions planning that ensure operation of the engineering infrastructure: boiler units, power substations, sewage treatment facilities, water extraction install;
• civil housing facilities planning including multi-storeyed sports and recreation centers, religious and culture constructions;
• technical survey and re-construction of various existing buildings with delayed analysis of the structures and foundations;
• full set of engineering and geologic, topographic and geodesic, hydro-geologic survey;
• Environment protection;
• technical measures planning related to civil defense and emergencies.
The institution participated and still actively participates in programs initiated by Rosatom (Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency), Chelyabinsk Region Administration, food industry as well as in housing construction related to the renovation of the agricultural industry facilities, reconstruction of medical institutions.
The institution's personnel contribute into production organization and development in various industries, construction of social and industrial facilities.