сертификат по системе менеджмента качества ISO (9001:2000)


Trust «NGVPS» JSC holds specialized vehicles park which is constantly being renewed. The Company has all necessary vehicles and machines: 
Drilling units Sandvik DX800, Furukawa HCR 1200, Furukawa HCR 1500, Randger-700, Strong SD- 1300E, PANTERA 1100 and PCR; Drilling units URB 2А-2, URB -3 А-3, 1 BА-15V fixed on URAL, KRAZ, KAMAZ cross-country chassis; BТS-150, MBSh-421 on the basis of tractor Т-170; Domestic compressors NV-10/8М2, PV-10/8М1; Imported highly productive compressors by Airman, Atlas Сорсо; Mobile plants for explosives production. 
A park of specialized vehicles with cross-country chassis was organized to transfer and to store explosives. 
It contains vehicles with KRAZ, URAL-IVEKO, FORD, Mitsubishi and GAZ cross-country chassis updated according to requirements of EX/III and European Agreement on international carriage of hazardous commodities (DOPOG), which can be used as temporary movable warehouses. Transportation of explosives is carried out by cross-country diesel-powered vehicles. 
There are Company’s special storage deports for explosives in Ufa, temporary warehouses in the Republic of Komi, Sakha (Yakutia), on the Yamal Peninsula. There is also a Explosives production facility in Aldan, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), with production power up to 24 tons per day of bulk explosives and up to 12 tons per day of packaged explosives. 
There is a production base with area of 3.5 ha in Ufa. 
Trust «NGVPS» JSC employs highly qualified experts with a great experience in mining and blasting operations. 
The Group of Companies «NefteGazVzryvPromStroy» currently has over 1000 employees. The Company’s enterprises are equipped with modern safety systems that ensure jointly with FSDP «Okhrana» and LLC «NGVPS-Okhrana» escort and protection of transported explosive materials (including the place where the works are performed).

1. DBW for tranches when constructing main gas and oil pipelines and for various communication systems (water pipeline, electric line, communication line) including:
1.1. Loosening of rock and permafrost soil in mountains.
1.2. Loosening of rock and permafrost soil in protected zones of acting main gas and oil pipelines, power line and communications line.
1.3. Underwater blasting works for loosening rocks when passing through water barriers of different depth and length.
2. DBW in quarries to excavate overburden rocks and minerals as well as controlled blasting to preserve walls of quarries, basins and excavations.
3. DBW for construction of motorways and railways including mountain areas.
4. DBW in industrial and construction sites with space-limited environment including operative departments facing tight constraints for flyrocks, seismic loads in protective facilities, blast effect on people and buildings and construction glazing.
5. Crushing and dissembling concrete and reinforced constructions including foundations by means of explosives;
6. Cutting by explosion to dissemble various metal structures;
7. Direct blasting collapse of chimney, demolition of reinforced-concrete and brick buildings and constructions to the foundation and in the intended direction.
8. Preliminary loosening of river ice cover by explosion.
9. Dredging underwater blasting works.
10. DBW for constructing tunnels and other transport facilities, for underground mining.
11. DBW production for deep anode bed.
12. Special operation in soil (water depression)
13. Electrochemical protection of construction, technological equipment and pipeline.
The Company is duly licensed and certified for all above listed operations and works by the Rostekhnadzor.

1 Drilling units – total 80 including:
Imported drilling units - 32  
among them: Furukawa HCR- 1500-ED -5
Furukawa HCR- 1200-ED -8
Sandvik DX 800, Reinger R-700 -2
STRONG SD-1300E, SD-1300EII -10
Pantera 1100 -1
Truck-mounted drilling units -45
2 Specialized vehicles to transport explosives -36  
3 Auxiliary vehicles -176  

Should any necessity occur any other vehicles owned by the group of Companies
«NefteGazVzryvPromStroy» will be involved into the production of the works. Total number of the vehicles is over 200 units.